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About us


pics from local magazine in Koh Samui.

  Rang Jiraphol Rikshasuta started his career at the age 11 when his sister bought him his first camera.Sine then, Rang has dedicated his time, inspiration and fantasy to achieve and maintain the high standard and quality of his photographic art which he is delivering any time whenever he performs with his professional attitude

Award winning photographer, Rung Jiraphol has won 5 prestigious titles and is highly regarded both locally, by the likes of the Thailand's Tourism Authority and Prime Minister as well as international photo contest, by Cannon and the Photographic Society of America.(PSA)

Rang Jiraphol, who studied both fine art and photography at university, has always liked to combine the two and most of his photos can be described as nothing less than art.

He is very creative and excels at beach and landscape photography that really captures the bright blues, greens and sunny essence of our tropical beach scenery.

Rang Jiraphol is very adept at placing models against a bright backdrop of sun, sand and sea and has done so for numerous award winning tourist photos of Thailand and in advertising photography for resorts.

Because of his exceptional skills at travel photography and advertisement work, Rang Jiraphol can easily be described as a magazine style photographer, whose specialty is derived from his creative inclusion of fine art into his photos.

 Rang has also been invited by the Ministry of Culture to join a photographers association" shooting camera" which will travel to the Southern provinces of Andaman cost to help boost tourism.

Rang has also contributed many photos for ESTATE, C Magazine, SAMUI-TROPICAL HOLIDAY ISLAND,SAMUI JOURNAL,Thailand MAGAZINE,CHAO KOH NEW,HELLO SAMUI,Hot chilli from UK and is much sought after photographer for HOTEL,restaurants

and REAL ESTATE companies.He also issued "Samui Art in Mind" and  "Amazing Samui" the coffee table book.

left Rang was awarded from the President Organizers of the contest "International photo contest. right Mr.Ramnate Chaikwang Moyor Mr.Muensilp Poolsawat Advisor to the Mayor City Municipality of Koh Samui and Rang on Photo Exhibition day at Imperial resort & spa Koh Samui

left The book launch party "Samui art in Mind" at Beach Republic club. right Rang was awarded from Photographic society of America by Siam color slide club organizers.The joint photo entries from 141 countries.

 The Book "Samui Art in Mind" available Samui Art in Mind the ultimate Samui Photo collection the best Souvenir from Samu. Of experience. Photography for more than 25 years.Rang has Coffee table Book marketed to several books such as "Hot Chili", "Samui Tropical Holiday", "Samui Art in Mind" and "Amazing Samui" In the near future we will have the new book. To be the best  in his life independent photographer.

left Rang middle Tim the owner of Beach Republic very Famous in Koh Samui right,Paul freelance writer.We launch "Samui Art in Mind" at Beach Republic.

This is coffee table book that came out recently, Amazing Samui.

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